Who is behind Safest.net?

We are a team located in Sweden, developing different kind

of websites and services. Safest is developed

mainly because we want to protect your privacy and make your

browsing experience more secure. You must assume you are not safe

when entering the internet and make sure you do all you can to eliminate

risks! Safest.net is a great basic fence!

What is so special about Safest.net browser?

First, if you want less safety and security, there are always other browsers.

In Safest you cannot download anything without you will notice”, it means

you will not get virus, adware or similar in your desktop as easily.

That way you will not be as harmful to being hacked etc.

Also, your browsing history will not be saved, hence other people would not be able to see

what you have browsed, weather it is private stuff or business communications/researching etc.

Can I have Safest.net browser in my cell phone?

Currently we do not offer for cell phone, but we may in the future.

Current version is for windows only.

Can I install any extension?

Yes, but be aware that many extensions may not be safe for you.

We will have an antivirus extension installed by default, for additional safety.

Can Safest.net browser protect me from anything harmful online?

No, since some security leaks may occur from your own doings.

What we do not recommend is to make payments within our browser.

Do not save data in a website forms, especially not sensitive payment info and logins

to email or social platforms such as Facebook etc.

We do not recommend you share your personal details with anyone anywhere such as on forums

or through chats. Sensitive information can always be used by the bad! Never click a link in your email,

unless the email is expected to have been sent out. Be careful with what links you click on the internet

generally. Use a virus program as an extra layer of security.

Can I download in safest browser?

Downloads are potentially harmful to your computer.

Make sure you download from sites you trust beforehand.

If you do not know the specific site, we suggest you make a search

On Google to see if site is to be trusted. If you download

from any site, you will see progress of download within footer of browser, there you

my stop download, or when it is already downloaded - delete/uninstall it.

I can not see my browsing history – why?

(Only if you use our browsing history eraser extension)

Because we do not want anyone else to know where you have been on the internet

and figure out any private details about you and for example your business research.

Do not be gullible, around next corner there may be danger!

Is my browsing history saved?

No, it is never saved if you use our browsing history eraser extension.

Do you have VPN for anonymous surfing?

Yes, it will be a feature soon.

Do I need to sign up to anything?

You never need to sign up to anything at Safest.net,

We keep it anonymous!

I can not find a way to bookmark pages, why?

Here too, you will not leave any trace of your browsing behavior.

I do not want to see so many ads on sites I visit – how can I block ads?

You can do that in Settings->Content Settings->Ads

Why are not all cookies completely disabled?

If you where to disable all cookies at all time on all sites, you

would likely have a very bad surfing experience, since many sites base

their site functions on cookies, but you are always free to block cookies as

much as possible to not let companies and website owners keep track of you.